About Us



Sindhu Cargo Services Pvt Ltd., is closely held private limited company managed by board of directors, headed by Mr. G Balaraju in the capacity of Chairman & Managing Director. Mr G. Balaraju, is well known in the international logistic industry as a charismatic entrepreneur and great visionary, Mr Balaraju has been successfully driving Sindhu Cargo Services for almost 3 decades.

Mr Balaraju embarked on this great journey during 1987 with three persons on board and started a partnership company in the name of Sindhu Cargo Services in Bangalore for providing customs brokerage services. His vision to create an integrated logistic company took shape step by step by successfully venturing into Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing and transportation divisions.

Mr Balaraju, with his eminent leadership opened up more than 20 branches at major ports, ICDs, airports across the country and extended association with more than 100 counterparts across the globe. He ensured the company’s accreditation to IATA and NVOCC to manage freight forwarding business on its own.

Balaraju is well connected with recognised associations like BCHAAL, FFFAI, FIATA and AMTOI and is now Chairman for ACCAI Bangalore Region.

His vision and leadership speaks by itself as Sindhu Cargo has grown as a leading logistic company in India with a turnover of Rs. 340 Crores employing more than 800 persons.