Sindhu Logistics Park


The first ever accomplishment by any Indian logistics company in Bangalore to house all logistics activities in one premises. SINDHU LOGISTIC PARK comprises of 3 wings catering to State of the art & well furnished office complex of 40000 sq.ft of equipped with


-Centralized back-end office for on-line filing & documentation

-Video conferencing to link-up all branches

-In-house on / off the job training facilities

-State of Art network facility with highly secured network

Another 40000 sq. ft of space dedicated for warehouse equipped with


-Cargo lift

-State of the art material handling equipments

-Plug-in offices

-Racks of different sizes & capacities

-Web-based warehouse management system (WMS)

Equal in space is another wing entirely dedicated for


-In-transit warehouse

-Back-end support for transportation

Besides the above the new complex houses

-Temple dedicated for Lord Ganesha

-Training institution

-Charitable Trust

Endeavour has been made to make the premises as nature friendly as possible through

-Recycling of water


Sindhu Cargo Warehouse State of the art Warehouse space of 40,000 Sq.Ft. spread across TWO floors situated very close to Bangalore International Airport (BIAL), India.

Apart from the above facilities, we have offices & warehouses at strategic locations across India.